The following tutorial for XPDrainage is intended as a detailed walkthrough to the workflow and design elements used for sizing stormwater systems for a typical site development project. Pre- and Post-Developed catchment runoff is evaluated, as well as the effectiveness of the Post-Developed Stormwater Control Treatment Train. Upon completion of the tutorial, you are encouraged to further explore the wide variety of elements available for use within the software, such as the numerous types of Stormwater Controls (SWC) and Outfalls.

The table below provides the list of topics covered in this tutorial - click the topic to go to that Tutorial. Download the Advanced Tutorial Model in order to select the associated Phases and follow the Tutorial in XPDrainage.  

Tutorial NumberTutorial ChapterModel Phase to start Chapter


Advanced Chapter 1 - Existing SiteExisting Site
2Advanced Chapter 2 - Developed SiteDeveloped
3Advanced Chapter 3 - Layout Treatment SystemDeveloped
4Advanced Chapter 4 - ResultsDeveloped
5Advanced Chapter 5 - Sizing of Treatment SystemSizing of Treatment