Quick! We’re Late!

In this Introductory Tutorial we are working on a project for a commercial retail client who is running short on time before construction must commence to open their store on time. So, all we need to do is create an entire stormwater management design and submit all construction plans and drainage report to the local jurisdiction… today!!!

It turns out XPDrainage is going to be a big help in getting the design stormwater system completed on time and hand off all important details for submission to the rest of the project team and the City Review Department.

You have already loaded in some basic background data for the project including background image, proposed site layout in CAD, and a surface file.

Storm Design Criteria:

  • Retain and Infiltrate the First Flush aka Runoff Reduction event of 1in.
  • Reduce peak flow rates for the 2-100 year ARI events to the pre-developed conditions.

There is data for various parts of this project which we can leverage to complete this design faster, so we will look at importing CAD and GIS data. Once we have completed our final stormwater management design, we need to submit details of the treatment system to the ‘Site Team’ for incorporation into their final Grading and Site plans, as well as export various system results for use in a Drainage Report.

Download the Introduction Project tutorial (USAand let’s get started!

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1Chapter 1 - Layout System
2Chapter 2 - Size Mitigation
3Chapter 3 - Review Results
4Chapter 4 - Submit Project

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