Instructions on how to Upload an InfoWater Pro model into

You can upload an existing InfoWater Pro model from your InfoWater Pro software application into

To upload an InfoWater Pro model into Info360 Insight software application:

  1. Open your InfoWater Pro model from your InfoWater Pro software application. 
  2. Go to InfoWater Pro ribbon, and click on the Publish to Info360.combutton.
  3. In the next screen, be sure to select all three Export checkboxes before you publish your existing InfoWater Pro model to

  4. Click on the Browse  button to select an output file.
  5. Click Publish 
  6. Once you have generated the network layer and assets into a CSV file, and you have generated the model files (*.inp format) and live data mapping files, you will see the Model Upload Progress report and the InfoWater Pro dialog box, as shown below.
  7. You can also view a log in your upload output file, as shown below.
  8. Go to Info360 Insight website ( to view your uploaded InfoWater Pro model.
  9. Log into Info360 Insight website.
  10. Go to Incident Manager to view your uploaded InfoWater Pro model incidents.
  11. Choose an incident to view your populated incident data from your uploaded InfoWater Pro model.

For more information on how to upload an InfoWater Pro hydraulic model into Info360 Insight, please view the following video for a demonstration from an Innovyze Support Engineer via this link: