The Event Trace module of the Protector allows you to select any node(s) and conduct a trace algorithm to determine the extent of contamination from a selected source node(s) at a specific time. Once the Event Trace simulation is run, all pipes and nodes that contributed flows to the selected node will be displayed.

If only a single junction node is selected under Event Location (Step:1), the Protector will list in "Step:2 Source Identification" each source contributing water to that junction along with the fraction (percentage) of water originating from that source.

Step 1: Event Location

The specified node(s) from which an Event Trace simulation is to be conducted. Once the node(s) have been selected, specify a color to display this node in the Report Customer(s) at Risk section.

Select Time

Select a time from which to conduct a Fire simulation. The Fire simulation will run from hour 0:00 to the time specified with the Select Time dialog box. For example, if hour 13:00 is specified the Fire analysis will be run from hour 0:00 to 13:00 hours.

Step 2: Source(s) Identification

Select the desired source node(s) to be used in the Event Trace simulation. Only those nodes that contributed water to the selected nodes will be shown in the adjacent text box. You can select one or more source nodes before conducting the Event Trace simulation. Once the desired source node(s) have been selected, click on the Run button to complete the simulation.

Affected Customers

All links and nodes affected during the Event Trace simulation can be stored in a user-defined selection set for later retrieval and analysis.

Notify - Determine the affected customers after running the simulation.

Update Map - Use Update Map to update the map view and display the affected facilities.

Options - The Options button is used for assigning the GIS-based layer to be used for conducting a customer notification.

Reset Map - Click Reset Map to reset the map display to its default state.

Close - Closes the Protector dialog box. To conduct another water security analysis, simply click on another analysis tab in the Protector dialog box.