The main Network Skeletonizer Options dialog box is shown below.

Dead-End Trim Options

Specify the Dead-End Trim Options:

Series Pipe Reduction Options

Hydraulic Equivalency Options

The Skeletonizer allows you to reduce series and parallel pipes to a simple pipe by the equivalent pipe concept. An equivalent pipe is defined as a pipe of uniform diameter such that its headloss and flow rate are the same as the headloss and flow rate in the series and parallel pipe combination. The equivalent replacement pipe may be of some specified diameter or specified roughness coefficient.

Skeletonizer provides two options to define the equivalent replacement pipe:

Once you have specified the equivalent pipe replacement option, specify the other Hydraulic Equivalency options.

The merging application is not available when the Darcy-Weisbach head loss equation is used.

Common Options

The common options may be specified as below:

OK - Closes the Network Skeletonization Options dialog box with saving the changes.

Cancel - Closes the Network Skeletonization Options dialog box without saving the changes.