In order to support localization requirements, InfoDrainage includes a Translation Administrator for distributors and power users who wish to use a different language in the software. It is designed to produce the Translations.xml file, which is a type of dictionary for the application consisting of key-value pairs. A key is given in English with a corresponding translated value, which then replaces the English key and appears in the application.

Note that Translation Administrator is an optional InfoDrainage feature that can be selected from the "Custom Install" menu during the initial installation process, or by Install Translation from the Windows Control Panel.

Producing a Translations.xml file using Translation Administrator

Create a New file:

  1. Open Translation Administrator. A default identity translation set will be provided as a starting point 
  2. Update each of the values in the "Translation" column with the corresponding string for the language required 
  3. Where no translation is needed or available, leave the English equivalent. This will be used by InfoDrainage automatically (as the software defaults to the current language used by your computer)
  4. Once complete, click the Save button, and name the file Translations.xml  
  5. Follow the Using Translations process to test the file's content

Update an Existing File:

If a Translation file has been previously created, this can be used as a starting point. This is particularly useful when updating a translation to suit a new release. 

  1. Open Translation Administrator
  2. Click the Open command on the toolbar, and locate the existing .xml file to be updated
  3. Upon loading the file, the table will be updated to show the translated strings where present
  4. Update each of the missing translations by editing the values under the "Translation" column
  5. When complete, save the .xml file using the Save option, and follow the  Using Translations process to test the file's contents.

    To make this process easier you can use the 'Show/Hide Translated values' option, indicated by a light bulb on the toolbar. This will hide the already translated values, making it easier to see what is missing on the original file.

Installing Translation Administrator from the Windows Control Panel

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel, and click "Uninstall a Program" under the Programs category.
  2. On the applications list, right-click InfoDrainage, and choose the Change option to rerun the installer

  3. In the InfoDrainage installer select the Modify option and click Next.
  4. Click Translation Administrator and choose the option to install on the hard drive.

  5. Click Next, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.