The hydrographs that have been developed at the individual nodes may be transported through the drainage system in the following ways:

Hydrodynamic Modelling

The hydrographs generated in XPRafts may be directly transferred to the XP-EXTRAN hydrodynamic simulation model, as well as to the MIKE-11 unsteady flow open channel hydraulics model. Hydrographs may also be read back into another XPRafts model.

Storage Basins

Any node in XPRafts may be defined as a storage node. This storage may be quite small (a few cubic metres) or quite large (gigalitres), or any size in-between. On-line and off-line storages may be simulated and the storages may be hydraulically interconnected. 

 Puls' level pool routing technique is used to route the inflow hydrograph through the nominated storages. A stage storage relationship is defined for each of the storages. The outlet structures that may be handled include:

Optimisation methods are available to help design the basin. You may optimise the basin for a maximum discharge or for a maximum allowable storage.