Info360 has the ability to connect directly with InfoWater and InfoSWMM models. This connection allows the models to pull real-time or historic data from Info360 to incorporate into pre-configured boundary conditions. In addition, model results and Info360 data can be compared side-by-side in either the modeling software or in Info360.


Bringing in Model Data to Info360

Info360 can bring in hydraulic model data using Updatable Sensors. This type of sensor is generally used for any data uploaded from files which can change over time rather than a historian database. Currently Info360 can bring in data from CSV, XML, or JSON files.

If the modeling software is InfoWater or InfoSWMM, Info360 Connect can be used to directly map the model elements to updatable sensors and export data to Info360 at any time for comparison.

Info360 Connect

If you have InfoWater, InfoWater Pro, or InfoSWMM, an included feature called Info360 Connect will allow for back-and-forth communication with Info360 for model boundary conditions, patterns, and results comparison.

For InfoWater, click the Info360 Connect icon as shown below.


For InfoWater Pro, go to Model Explorer > Command Center tab > Exchange > Info360 Conect.

For InfoSWMM, click the Info360 Connect icon as shown below.

Contact us if you need help setting up the connection between Info360 and your InfoWater or InfoSWMM model.