Information concerning InfoAsset Planner tiers and capabilities may be found here. For more information on InfoAsset Planner licensing and capabilities, please contact Innovyze.

Basic - InfoAsset Network TypesIn InfoAsset Planner's predecessor, InfoMaster, software licenses were divided into Sewer and Water networks.  InfoAsset Planner allows all users to toggle between the two networks as well as create their own custom networks.

Basic - Work Management System (WMS) - This additional toolbar now available with every InfoAsset Planner license, expands the Work Manager interface in two ways.  It allows for a calendar view to more concisely look at upcoming and past work items (Work Planner), and also gives users the option to create configurable digital forms to more easily input work order information into InfoMaster (Work Collector).

Basic - Smart FieldWork Manager (SFM)SFM is also now available in every InfoAsset license.  This add-on expands InfoAsset Planner's work management capabilities by allowing users to work directly with ESRI applications such as Workforce and Survey123.  This tighter integration allows for users to more easily publish and track InfoAsset Planner work orders out in the field.

For more information on the advantages of Basic vs. Tier 1 and above versions of InfoAsset Planner, see the Innovyze website here.

Tier 1 - Advanced InfoAsset Planner Workflow Tools - Starting with Tier 1, the full advanced InfoAsset Planner workflow is now available which includes: rehab decision tree planning, deterioration analysis, project prioritization, and valve criticality analysis. While the Basic tier will fully satisfy small networks with less than 50 miles of pipeline, the Basic Tier is where many of the advance analytics within InfoAsset Planner may be found. For more information on each of these four items, select the links below.

Tier 2 - CMMS Data ExchangeInnovyze has worked towards generating partnerships with multiple CMMS vendors for a more integrated flow of work management information.  With this Tier 2 tool, users can directly access their CMMS data via REST API and import this information into InfoAsset Planner for more efficient and integrated analysis.

Tier 3 Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) - LCCA is a Tier 3 addition which elevates InfoAsset Planner from cyclical asset management planning to long term, economic analysis.  LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis) rides directly on top of standard InfoAsset Planner analysis and data, so it is best for users who already have well-developed InfoAsset Planner projects.  Specific costing data and deterioration analysis is often necessary to obtain quality results from this extension.

Once a Tier 3 or Unlimited InfoAsset Planner license is installed and licensed, the LCCA add on can be found in the Operation Center within its own separate tab.

InfoAsset Planner Licensing is Based on Total Mileage 

Innovyze has modified its InfoAsset Planner licensing tiers to include mileage. To determine your mileage terms with your software licensing tier, use this table:

Total Mileage for InfoAsset Tiers (Basic - Unlimited)

Tier NameMileageKilometers
Tier 1250400
Tier 210001600
Tier 325004000

If you are using hard limits, then use this table: 

Tier NameMileageKilometers
Tier 1250402
Tier 210001609
Tier 325004023