The Reminder tab is used to store recurring work orders or inspections.

The Reminder tab does not store work orders or inspections.  Instead it stores reminders to create new work orders and inspections on a recurring basis.  Reminder work items are not added to the Inspection or Work Order tab unless specified by the user; if not specified, they will remain in the Reminder tab as simply reminders.  Single reminders are generally not shown in this tab (although you may create them).  You cannot import work orders or inspections into the Reminder tab; the only way to add reminders is to create them from within the tab itself.


In the Reminder tab toolbar you may:

Radio buttons are also available to query for only reminder inspections or reminder work orders.  The attribute filter and map selection buttons are also still available in this tab to limit the list of reminders.

When you create a new reminder, the following recurrence window will appear.  With this window, you have a variety of options available to schedule a recurring reminder.  After specifying the recurrence interval and clicking OK, you will be brought to the same create new inspection or work order wizard.

If you right-click either an inspection or work order reminder in the Reminder tab, the following options will appear.

Explorer - Opens up the Work Explorer to see the reminder's details.  When you attempt to open a reminder in the Work Explorer, InfoAsset Planner will ask you whether they wish to open the individual reminder or the entire series or recurring reminders.  If you select the individual reminder, it will automatically be removed from the series of recurring reminders and become a standalone reminder stored in the Reminder tab.

Zoom To - Zooms to the selected reminder.

Create - Moves the selected reminder to the respective Inspection or Work Order tab.  Only the selected reminder will be moved; if it is tied to other recurring reminders which are not selected, they will not be moved.  When you do this, they are essentially taking the reminder and now making it actual work to do instead of simply being reminded of it.

Add To/Remove From Catch Bin - You may use these options to add or remove reminders from the Catch Bin tab.

Delete - Deletes the selected reminder.  Only deletes the selected reminder, not the others in the series.

Edit Recurrence - Opens the recurrence window to allow you to adjust the recurrence interval.

Delete Series - Deletes the entire series of reminders.

Restore to Default Series - If a reminder is separate from its series of related reminder inspections or work orders, it will become a detached, standalone reminder.  You can use this option to restore the broken relationship.  The status of a reminder is shown by the symbol on the left side of the reminder list.  In the screenshot below, the first reminder is in series, the second is broken or out of series, and the third was created as standalone.  This is also described in the 'Series Status' field on the right.