The InfoWater Pro Group Editing tool allows you to assign values and settings to a group of elements on the fly. This is extremely useful when conducting Water Quality analysis, Fire-Flow Simulations, and other operational studies.

Using the Group Editing Tool in InfoWater Pro

The Group Editing tool is a time-saving tool that can be used for:


To use the Group Editing tool, do the following:

Group Editing on Domain

Group Editing on Selection

Group Editing (on Domain or Selection)

The Group Editing command allows you to specify modeling properties of multiple network components in a single operation.

To run the command, from the InfoWater Control Center -> InfoWater button -> Edit menu, select the Group Editing on Domain or Selection

Once any of the elements selected for a group edit are populated with data, your inputted information input will also appear in various database tables under the DB Editor.  For example, when a group of nodes are assigned a fireflow through the group edit, those nodes will be added to the Fireflow Demand database found under the DB Editor - Folder 4. Extended Modeling DataFor Group Editing on Selection, you will be prompted to select a group of data elements on map screen. Click Enter or right click to end the selection. Data elements selected will be highlighted in the selection color.

Desired Element Selection

Use this section to choose the desired element selection:

Applicable Attributes(s):

The Attributes to be group edited will depend upon the category selected.