Innovyze License Administrator ILA

Innovyze licenses can be purchased as a Fixed (Standalone) license or a Floating (Network) license.

Installation and License Application Differences

In the case of a Fixed (Standalone) license, the Innovyze License Administrator (ILA) only needs to be installed on the machine running the related Innovyze software.

Commonly, the ILA installer is integrated into the installer for the related Innovyze product.

Once installed, the Entitlement ID (EID) provided on purchase should be used to Apply the license to that machine. Upon successful application, this license cannot be moved to another machine without contacting Innovyze Support.

For a Floating (Network) license, the ILA must be installed on the server or host machine to which end users are expected to connect.

Unlike a Fixed (Standalone) license, the specific ILA installer should be used as opposed to the installer integrated with the related Innovyze product.

The EID provided on purchase must be used to Apply the license to this server/host machine, as opposed to the machine of an intended end user.

Upon successful application, this license cannot be hosted by another machine without contacting Innovyze Support (but end-users from any machine with access to this server/host machine can use an unoccupied seat on the license).

Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that you meet the necessary System Requirements.