Complex expressions can be written in Info360 by combining several functions together.

The IIF function provides standard "IF" statement capabilities.

The syntax is:

IIF( [Expression with True or False output] , [Output if True], [Output if False] )

Refer to the IIF function page for more information and examples.

Refer to the Advanced Use of Analytical Functions page for more information on writing expressions.

Getting started with a simple example

  1. Open a Historical Chart on any sensor of data. For example, click on the sensor on the map and select Show Historical Chart.
  2. Click on the Reference Chart dropdown and select Add Reference Chart.

  3. In the Analytical Functions window, check the box Use Expression, and enter the following text (feel free to copy/paste):
    IIF( Open() > Close(), 1, 0)

  4. Click OK and Finish on the Reference Chart Style then review the results. The output should show a value of 1 any time that measured data is decreasing through the interval, and 0 if not.