Info360 uses an Email Server to send messages triggered by Tracks. Whenever a cellphone service carrier provides a domain (common in the US), emails can be routed to the cell phone as text by using the phone number "@" the domain.


  1. Optional - Set up SMS Carriers in the Administration page for easier access later by users.

    Note that this step requires Administrative Privileges.

  2. Go to the Track tab of the Command Center and create or select the Track to be used for triggering alerts. If you do not have a Track created, first design a Search that will be applied to live data. Refer to the Alerts page for more information.

  3. Switch to the Scheduler () and select and Edit or create a Scheduler to run the desired Track and produce alerts.

  4. Edit or Create a new Contact List for the Schedule.

  5. If SMS Carriers were set up in the first step, simply select the carrier, enter the phone number, and click. Otherwise you will need to look up the SMS Carrier domain name, and enter the 10-digit phone number @ the domain name. See example below.

  6. Ensure that the Scheduler is Active and save the changes.