Reporting gives access to a Info360 extension which allows users to set up customized reports that dynamically access live data feeds. Once set up, these reports can easily be published on a routine basis with the most up-to-date state of the system data.

Report Tab

The Report tab  in the Info360 Command Center functions as a library of all the created reports.



Clicking this button will create a new Report and open the New/Edit Report window where the name is assigned.

Click this to open the Report in View mode in another tab of the browser.

This action will take the current report design and populate the report with the current live data. This view can be printed or shared with others.

 Example of report in view mode

Click to open the Report in design mode in another tab of the browser. See Report Design below for more information.

These are the standard Info360 tools for editing, cloning, and deleting objects.

Report Design Tabs

Ribbon Tabs



The File tab contains controls to open and save designs. General Options can be accessed as well from the File tab.


The Home tab contains the primary editing tools found in many word processing tools. Select an object or text in the report and the apply changes via the tools in this ribbon.


The Insert tab provides drag-and-drop capability to add new objects to the report.

For example, click and drag the Chart  into the report space to create a chart in the selected location; this will prompt for assigning the data series and properties of the chart.


The Layout tab provides functionality to edit the alignment and layer order of any selected object.


Clicking the Preview tab icon will generate a preview report while applying the current live data into all the report objects.

Panel Tabs



The properties of any selected object are shown in the Properties side tab. The properties are organized in collapsible sections and change for each selected object.


The Dictionary shows the library of resources available in building the report. This includes data sources, objects, and custom variables.

Report Tree

The Report Tree shows a collapsible tree of all the sections within the report organized by page and placement.

General Features



Single click on object

Selecting an object will open its basic properties in the left tab for editing. Moveable vertices at the corners and sides of the selected object will appear in the report for click-and-drag resizing of the object.

Double Click

Double click on charts and data tables to access the multi-layer properties control popup.

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