The Risk analysis tool is used to calculate a pipe risk score indicating overall risk of structural failure, based on consequence of failure and likelihood of failure scores.

To begin a new Risk analysis, right-click Risk in the Analysis tab of the Operation Center window and select New.  Define an ID and Description for the analysis.

Risk analyses within InfoAsset Planner are the main option for prioritizing pipes based on a number of flexible user-defined factors.  Risk in InfoAsset Planner is a combination of your defined Consequences of Failure (COFs) and Likelihoods of Failure (LOFs).  Risk analyses may be preformed on any facility type within an InfoAsset Planner database.

Setting up the Risk Analysis - InfoAsset Planner's risk analysis wizard is a simple two step wizard. The first step allows you to specify the risk analysis methods and parameters, while the second step accesses the created COFs and LOFs for incorporation within the risk analysis.

Risk Results - InfoAsset Planner has many different options for displaying the risk analysis results. Risk analyses can be viewed on a pipe-by-pipe basis, as length of pipe in each risk category, on per user-defined zone.

It is good to review consequences and likelihoods of failure before creating a risk analysis.

When finished running the analysis, the risk analysis details and different reports may be viewed at any time by right clicking on the risk item and looking at the report.