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InfoDrainage uses graphs in many areas to help you visualize the data being presented. The graphs allow fine grained control, as well as output functions.

All graphs that are displayed together are linked. Modifications such as zooming and panning will sync across all linked graphs. Note that this only applies to X axis data. 

Graph Tools

Right-clicking most graphs will present you with a list of options for manipulating the graph, as seen below.

Select - This is the default cursor for the graph. It has no effect on the graph, but can be used to accurately mouse over data in order to get more data from it. Hovering over a line will generate a tooltip showing the X and Y coordinates of the point being highlighted, as well as the series the point is part of. You can also zoom in to the graph by using the scroll wheel. Zooming in will attempt to zoom towards the area of the graph the cursor is pointing at.

Pan - When zoomed in, the pan tool will allow you to move around the graph area. Click and drag to move the visible section of the graph around. This tool has no effect when the graph is completely zoomed out (default state).

Band Zoom - The band zoom tool allows you to select a box to zoom in on. This tool is most useful for selecting anomalous areas or specific sections of data, such as set time intervals.

Reset View - This option will reset the view to the default state - the whole time series will be visible, and the axes scaled to view the biggest range of data available.

Previous View - This allows you to take a step backwards, reverting the most recent view change. Multiple steps are stored for stepping backwards, however you cannot re-do a transformation once undone.

Export Image - This will allow you to save the current view to a file. A legend will be added showing all enabled data series. You can choose the desired save name, save location, and file type using the normal save file dialog box.

Export CSV - This will export all active series to individual .csv files. After entering a filename to save as, a file will be created for each data series in the format: "inputname_seriesname.csv".

Toggle Scroll Bars - Scroll bars may be added to most graphs by selecting the Toggle Scrollbars option. These can be used to move around the graph more accurately than the Pan option. This can also be used to turn off the scroll bars.