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The Phase Management option on the Tree view provides options for adding, duplicating, deleting and renaming Phases as well as the ability to decide if they should be analysed or not.

The Phase Management option appears in the Tree view below the Design level options and just before the Phase Selector. This provides a quick view on the available phases together with an image to indicate if they are being analysed or not. Expanding the node will show you the list of available Phases:

Include in Analysis

A phase can be included in the analysis by clicking the or not  icons. To keep analysis times down, it is recommended that you turn off any phases, or scenarios, you are not currently interested in. They can be turned back on later.

Creating a Phase

Right-clicking the Phase Management will display a simple right-click menu that provides the Add Phase option. Selecting this option will create a new, empty, phase and will select it on the Phase Selector ready for editing.

Right-clicking an individual phase shown under the Phase Management will display a right-click menu that provides a series of options:

Duplicating a Phase

Selecting this option will create a duplicate of the selected phase and will select it on the Phase Selector ready for editing.

Deleting a Phase

This option will be enabled if you have two or more phases. It is not possible to delete the only phase in a design. Selecting this option will remove the phase from the design and will update the current phase shown on the Phase Selector if needed.

Renaming a Phase

Selecting this option will enable the rename option on the phase selected, which allows a new name to be entered for the phase. Clicking the node, or pressing enter, will confirm the name change.

Making a Phase current

Selecting this option will make the selected phase current in the same way as a selecting a phase on the Phase Selector.

Adjusting Phase order

It is possible to adjust the order of a phase within the phase list. Selecting Move Up will result in the phase being shown higher up the list, while Move Down will lower the phase in the list.