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The Civil 3D® Interface, known as InfoDrainage for Civil3D®, allows the engineer to create full has been designed to allow engineer to exchange information with InfoDrainage by importing and exporting drainage networks within the Civil 3D® environment 2019, 2020 and 2021.  The data can then be exchanged with InfoDrainage for full drainage analysis via the IDDX format

A design created in InfoDrainage can be imported into Civil 3D® as a Pipe Network for the Pipes and Junctions, with other Connection types and Stormwater Controls also created within the drawing as 3D elements.

Equally a Pipe Network that has been created within Civil 3D® can be exported to InfoDrainage to be sized and analysed before the final design is reimported.

The software will recognise its own data so information is maintained should multiple iterations of design be required as is often the case on some developments.


 As it This interface is an optional component it so is provided as a separate installer that can be installed as required - Installing InfoDrainage for Civil 3D®

Using the commands

Once installed the plugin will automatically add in the required ribbon when Autodesk® Civil 3D®is launched:

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These functions can also be executed clicking the button or alternatively by entering the following commands at the command prompt


titleAutoCAD® Support

The InfoDrainage plugin is designed to work only with Civil 3D® as it utilises the full 3D networks it provides. InfoDrainage continues to Importand Export CAD information to DWG/DXF.