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Upon completion of the surge analysis, you can find a summary of possible error messages by clicking here..

Error Codes & Messages

The following is a list of the InfoSurge network simulator error messages and suggested solutions. When one or more of these errors occur, the Run Status Indicator (stop-light) on the Run Manager dialog box indicates red. It is possible for several of these conditions to exist at the same time.

Format: Error Number - Description

Go To Error Levels - 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000


Model Run Level: 2000s

General Errors:  2000s series

2001 - Surge hydraulic run module not initialized

2002 - Module memory error

2003 - Unable to output basic model network data


Hydraulic run errors:  2100s series

2101 - Unable to initialize hydraulic solver


Surge Data Level: 3000s

Base level data errors: 3000s

3001 - Unable to open Surge input file

3002 - Surge data memory error


Counter level data errors: 3100s

3101 - Surge pipes with wave speed data exceed network pipes

3102 - Surge pumps exceed network pumps

3103 - Active Valves exceed network valves

3104 - Surge Protection Devices exceed network junctions


Change data errors: 3200's

3211 - Invalid Surge Change data


SPD data errors: 3300s, output data line

3301 - Invalid Side Discharge Orifice data

3302 - Invalid Open Surge Tank data

3303 - Invalid One Way Open Tank data

3304 - Invalid Closed Surge Tank data

3305 - Invalid Bladder Surge Tank data

3306 - Invalid Rupture Disk data

3307 - Invalid Pressure Relief Valve data

3308 - Invalid Surge Anticipation Valve data

3309 - Invalid 1/2 Stage Air Vacuum Valve data

3310 - Invalid 3 Stage Air Vacuum Valve data


Time/option data errors: 3400s

3401 - Invalid time step for Surge hydraulic run


Organized Data Errors: 4000s

Surge model data errors: 4100s

4111 - Surge model does not support Chezy-Manning formulation

4112 - Invalid Check Valve definition for surge pipe

4113 - Invalid multi-pipe connections at pump

4114 - Invalid multi-pipe connections at active valve

4115 - Invalid multi-pipe connections at surge protection device

4116 - Invalid demand allocation to surge protection device

4117 - Invalid pressure demand definition to surge protection device


Surge/hydraulic model data errors: 4200s

4211 - Invalid fixed head node connection in hydraulic model


Create Surge File Data Errors: 5000s

TFL file data errors: 5100s

5101 - Unable to open Surge TFL file

5111 - Unable to output link data to Surge TFL file

5112 - Unable to output node data to Surge TFL file


SIC data errors: 5200s

5201 - Unable to open Surge SIC file

5211 - Unable to output system data to Surge SIC file

5212 - Unable to output pipe data to Surge SIC file

5213 - Unable to output component data to Surge SIC file

5214 - Unable to output surge protection device data to Surge SIC file

5215 - Unable to output pump data to Surge SIC file

5216 - Unable to output junction data to Surge SIC file

5217 - Unable to output fixed head node data to Surge SIC file

5218 - Unable to output bypass line data to Surge SIC file

5219 - Unable to output surge tank data to Surge SIC file

5220 - Unable to output surge valve data to Surge SIC file

5221 - Unable to output check valve data to Surge SIC file

5222 - Unable to output surge change data to Surge SIC file

5223 - Unable to output other surge data to Surge SIC file


IDS data errors: 5300s

5301 - Unable to open Surge IDS file


IDX data errors: 5400s

5401 - Unable to open Surge IDX file

5402 - Unable to output Surge IDX file data


LIM data errors: 5500s

5501 - Unable to open Surge LIM file

5502 - Unable to output Surge LIM file data


LIM data errors: 5600s

5601 - Unable to open Surge SRG file

5602 - Unable to output Surge SRG file data


CFile: 5700s

5701 - Unable to open CFile file


Surge Run Errors: 6000s

Output network data

6001 - Unable to output Surge run network data


Create DAT file

6101 - Missing Surge run input files

6102 - Missing Surge data generation program file

6103 - Unable to remove Surge .dat file

6104 - Unable to run Surge data generation process

6105 - Unable to create Surge *.dat file