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Displays a timeseries of the selected sensor or group of sensors. Functions can be applied to the timeseries of data to display a variety of output data, such as a simple flow rate sensor could be used to plot the average total flow per month over the past year.


Displays a table of the specified sensor's timeseries data.


Displays a window with readings of the two compared sensors. Arrow buttons at sides of window can switch the displayed time of measurement.


Displays an adjustable Google map with indicators at the selected sensors.

Click and drag the   icon to access Google street view.


Displays a table of Alerts that can be organized to sort either by Sensor or by Alert Category.


Displays a scatter plot for comparing two sensors as x and y coordinates.

This can be used to view how a pump is performing along its pump curve.


Displays content from an external site. This can include a variety of applications from weather feeds or videos.


Displays an image or PDF file. This can be used to display schematics, as-built drawings, etc.

Rich Text

Allows you to add any free-form text texts to a workspace. This could be a caption to a chart or Biz Block, or static texts describing the workspace.