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This page lists all the new features and improvements in Info360 2020.1 that are not available in previous versions. This list does not include bug fixes and minor improvements.

Import of Pressure Zone to Mass Balance

Import of Pressure Zone to Mass Balance is now added through the "PZM Import" functionality. The Import PZM file will reset the Mass Balance Network and build a new one based on the PZM file. The instructions how to use this functionality is on How to Import PZM File into Info360.

Added context sensitive help in Server Configuration

On top of each tab in Server Configuration page, we have now added a help button that will open the online help page in a new tab.

New Edit Sensor Data

Tank Curve


Server Configuration

Publish Map

Publishing Maps from ArcGIS to ArcGIS Online

Data Connection

Server Configuration

Server Status

System Requirements

User Management

Email Server Set Up

Info360 Agent

SMS Carriers

Server Logs



Add tool tips to Sensor Config/Batch import box

For smooth user experience and to have better understanding of Server Configuration page, we have added tooltips on most of the pages in Server Configuration page, which includes: 

  • Server Status
  • Create / Edit Data Connection
  • Web Map
  • Modals in Sensor Data (Individual , Billing , Updatable , Batch Import , Event Data)
  • Sampling Tab
  • Email Server Setup Tab
  • Info360 Agent Tab  && New/Edit Info360 Agent modal
  • Server logs Tab
  • Miscellaneous Tab

Tooltips or help items for Text Dashlets functions

Tooltips are now added for all the buttons on the Text Dashlets when you add or edit the Text Dashlet.

New Dashlet with data using bar charts 

A new Dashlet is now added where users can view data using bar charts in which the x axis represents multiple sensor, the y axis represents measured and static values

New option to display a ranking table report when using the Table dashlet type

A new option "Display as Ranked Table" for the dashlet type Table allows you to select a sensor type (e.g. “Tank Level” or “Pressure”) and then view the last reported value for those sensors in a ranking table. This new functionality also allows you to “Append Statistic Panel” on the top of the table to summarize the minimum and maximum values, the total number of sensors in the table, and the average value.  

The displayed table allows you to view the Historical Chart by clicking the Result value for a specific sensor ID. You may also sort the ID, Result, and Date in an ascending or descending order by clicking them. For more information on how to use this functionality, refer to How to Create a Sortable Report using the Table Dashlet.

Allow users to create sensor attributes dynamically

You can now create sensor attributes dynamically using Custom Fields. These fields then become available in the Basic Configuration dialog of Sensor Data, or in the Sensor as X Axis Dashlet, where applicable. System owned fields defined by Innovyze (such as Elevation for Pressure) cannot be modified or deleted.

New analytical function “Attribute” to retrieve sensor attribute

Introduced a new analytical function called Attribute, which retrieves attribute value entered in Sensor Configuration.

New analytical function “TimeAverage” to calculate average over time interval

Introduced a new analytical function called TimeAverage. This function divides total value in an interval by the full time interval duration in seconds. For a flow rate sensor, the total value is the total volume in the interval.

New analytical function “Metadata” to retrieve sensor metadata

Introduced a new analytical function called MetaData. This function retrieves Sensor Meta Data based on specified numeric field.

Gauge Chart with Text Number

This allows you to add Gauge Chart information as text in Dashlets.

To add gauge chart information as text in the Dashlet, you need to select chart type as “Text Gauge”. The text colors coding is based on the threshold provided. If the value meets the range of Threshold you provided, the text will appear in green, otherwise it will appear in red.

Add refresh button to Patterns

The purpose of the refresh button on Patterns is to re-calculate the pattern associated. If you have a day offset on pattern instead of Date Time, then instead of creating new pattern or editing the pattern every day, you can click the Refresh button and Info360 will recalculate the pattern. If you are on a workspace and it includes those patterns, then Info360 will update those pattern widgets as well.

Auto-schedule workspace export task

Initially you need to setup a scheduler in Miscellaneous tab in “Workspace Archive Scheduler” section to export the workspace periodically, such as once a week or once a month.  In this tab, you can specify a day of the week or begin, mid or end of the month.

By default, this is set to “Never”. When you try to share the workspace, Info360 will not allow you do it and will give an appropriate message for setting up the scheduler first.

Any changes in the scheduler on the Server Configuration page, the application page has to be refreshed in order to see those changes on application page.

Generate workspace PDF by schedule

You can setup the scheduler on Monday using the Share Workspace icon in the Workspace toolbar, so every Monday at midnight, Info360 will automatically export the workspace. It will send an email of the PDF to all the email specified. You can use contact list to pre-populate the emails.

The email server setup should be working. If you are able to get alert notifications in email, then your email service is working and everything is good.

Add checking of Chrome version in server side for PDF generation

As this feature is compatible to Chrome version 78, 79 and 80, any issue related to the Chrome version, Info360 will not be able to generate the PDF of any workspace. The application also shows a warning message for the Chrome version issue on the top of the section.

Add color control on scatter charts

You can now customize the colors of your Scatter Charts.

Change sensor listing to allow search of large number of sensors

You can change the sensor listing so you will be able to view search results for a large number of sensors. By default, Info360 shows the first 1000 sensor listings. By using keywords and clicking the search icon (indicated by the red search icon ), this feature will allow you to search beyond the first 1000 listings.

Additional Improvements

  • Fixed CSV Mass Import
  • Fixed sensor Group Watch Response Time
  • Fixed use 15min or 30min Pattern as reference chart
  • Fixed use 15min or 30min Pattern generation
  • Fixed loss of ClearSCADA Connection
  • Fixed raw data plot is not showing
  • Fixed pattern multiplication factor entry
  • Fixed enable live data lag
  • Fixed switching from WS Map view to Alert and/or Sensor Health causes map layers to be duplicated or triplicated
  • Fixed zooming to an alert on map breaks map partially on other workspaces
  • Fixed Status charts for group sensors defaulting to wrong date
  • Fixed long running query that the ClearScada cannot take
  • Fixed historian DB connection error erroneously displaying
  • Fixed InfoWater > Info360 results shifted by 15 minutes
  • Fixed unable to pull pattern and historical data from InfoWater