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Innovyze provides these items to your company contact person. If you could not locate all the items, please contact support@innovyze.com.

Download the installer

To download the installers, you need to register for the support portal first. Once logged in the portal, in addition to the latest and legacy installers, you can also access the knowledge base and supporting tools. Please use the Innovyze Support Portal to register.

For most users, regardless of the license type, all you need is the latest EXE installer, which packaged all the prerequisites into a single file, including the Innovyze License Administrator.

To download the latest installer:

  1. Log in to the Innovyze Support Portal.
  2. Navigate to the following locations:
    • For XPSWMM, go to Downloads > Storm, Sewer, Flood Software Downloads > XPSWMM
    • For XPStorm, go to Downloads > Storm, Sewer, Flood Software Downloads > XPStorm
  3. In the Current Version section, click to download the latest version of the installer.


Before proceeding with the installation, check the System Requirements to see if your computer meets the specifications. Also, visit the Third Party Downloads page to learn about the required the required third-party prerequisites and database drivers.