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This online help contains documentation and is a central hub for all things xpswmm XPSWMM and xpstormXPStorm.

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What are XPSWMM and XPStorm?

Traditionally projects involving storm and wastewater management involved any number of people. Depending on the complexity of the project, it may have involved an expert hydrologist knowledgeable in modeling techniques, a hydraulic expert knowledgeable in the modeling of free surface and pressure flow networks, an environmental engineer to assess pollutant buildup, wash-off and diffusion and a computer specialist to prepare the data files and coordinate the execution of various modules of the computer program.

The program is designed to co-ordinate these efforts in order to simplify the modeling process and guide the engineer/scientist through the numerical modeling process.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves productivity through increasing efficiency of data entry
  • Minimizes, but does not eliminate the need for human experts
  • Reduces data errors through expert checking
  • Clear, easy-to-use help menus and back-up support
  • Computer-based program means consistency and constant availability

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