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New and Noteworthy Features in 2019.1.3


Bridge link hydraulic efficiency table issue has been addressed.   An issue where certain bridge links that contain simplified cross-section resulted in a linear interpolation of the wetted perimeter between the low chord and lowest cross-section Y values.  As a result, the engine now evaluates a minimum set of records to correctly represent the bridge that better fits the hydraulic efficiency of the bridge section over a range of depths.

The Cross-Section Properties dialog box now works as expected

Table E15 now correctly lists Junction Names when Junctions exceed the number of links.

Gauged Inflow File no longer encounters no file format specified errors.

New and Noteworthy Features in 2019.1.2

XP2D Extreme

The application no longer halts the simulation when an SX 1D/2D connection line is used with an open-channel link.  This situation is now supported correctly and errors will only be encountered with XP2D Classic.