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The following list provides the new and exciting features in the latest release of XPSWMM/XPStorm in version 20212023.3.1

Table of Contents

For the list of features and improvements in previous releases, refer to Features in Previous Releases.

New Features


Maintenance Issues

  • An issue is now resolved where previously, XPSWMM 2021.1/2021.2 XCF for floating license was not working.
  • An issue where the map was not displayed in the ARR Storm Generator is now fixedXP2D Extreme Sub-Grid Sampling Depth Output is now the default Sub-Grid Sampling method.   This replaces the 2021 series SGS Depth Interpolation method.

Sub-Grid Sampling Depth OutputImage Added

  • XPSWMM/XPStorm model performance on loading terrain (TINs) and large 2D Result loading over 60% faster. 
  • XPSWMM/XPStorm no longer includes Notepad++ in the installer.
  • XPSWMM/XPStorm 2023 release now includes XPWSPG for all licenses.  This is not backward compatible. 

Maintenance Issues

  • An issue regarding XPX export has been fixed where a single quote would interrupt the export.  This issue is no longer encountered.

  • XPSWMM/XPStorm now compiles with Visual Studio 2019.

  • An issue regarding missing grid extents no longer crashes the software.
  • Several issues regarding missing PO and Flow Line results are now included in the results with the updated XP2D Engine.