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The ICM Basic Tutorial will walk the user through most of the main features of ICM to build familiarity with the interface and functionality. It is not meant to be a “how to” of every task that can be done in ICM, but should help jump start new users in navigating the software.

To complete the tutorial, the user will need to locate the tutorial in the Help and download the example data. To locate the tutorial, open the Help:

With the Help open, select the ‘Contents’ tab, expand the ‘InfoWorks ICM Tutorials’ section to locate the ‘Basic Tutorial:’

To download the data, log into the support portal and navigate to the InfoWorks ICM Downloads page (see ‘Download and Install InfoWorks ICM’ topic above on how to access the Downloads page). Click the ‘Innovyze Workgroup Client Tutorial’ link to download the data:

With the example data downloaded, click on the ‘Opening Example Data’ topic in the Tutorial to begin the tutorial.