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  1. Open the InfoWorks ICM License Key Setup.
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  2. With the License Key Setup open, choose the ‘Select a license to use with the software’ option and click ‘Next.’
  3. Select the ‘Choose the license to use for the current user on this computer’ option and click ‘Next.’
  4. If connecting to a fixed license, choose the following license type and click ‘Apply’:
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    If connecting to a floating license, choose the following option, specify the computer name of the machine hosting the floating license, and click ‘Apply’:

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  5. Open the InfoWorks ICM License Key Setup again, select ‘Choose the InfoWorks ICM and InfoAsset Manager licenses to use’, and click ‘Next.’
  6. Select ‘ICMOne’ from the options in the dropdown next to ‘ICM license,’ then click ‘Apply:’
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  7. Open InfoWorks ICM from the list of Programs or from the desktop icon

    If you receive a pop-up message about a master database not being selected or no message at all, then all is well and you may move on to ‘How to Open/Create a Master Database.’  If you receive any license errors or any other error preventing InfoWorks ICM to open, please email with a screenshot of the error or create a support ticket on the portal.