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The Scheduler is initialized by selecting the Apps command from the InfoWater Pro tab. With the Apps Manager dialog box open, click Scheduler and the Scheduler - Pump Group dialog box appears.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is displayed at the top of all the main Scheduler dialog boxes and consists of the following sub-menus:


About Scheduler... Shows the Version of the Scheduler Module


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View Menu

The View Menu pull-down allows the user to access the Input Data, Simulation Run Manager, Output Report Data and the Export Tab of the Scheduler Interface. The portion of the dialog box shown below shows you the choices available.

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Menus: Input Data, Simulation, Output Report, and Export

Image Added Previous ViewReturns to previous Scheduler dialog box.

Image AddedNext View - Go to next Scheduler dialog box.

Image Added Start Optimization Simulation - Begins the optimization simulation.


Image Added Edit Domain - Opens the Domain Editor. The Domain Manager can be used to select a sub-set of the network which you are analyzing to be placed in a certain group.

Input Data - The Input Data view category specifies the desired pump, valve and pipe groupings, maximum number of switches, start time, simulation duration, minimum switching interval, source cost table, system constraints, and pertinent options to run a scheduling optimization run. The input data categories are as follows: