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After sending notificationsyou send a notification, the notification does not reach the recipients recipients may have not received the notification until the status is Complete.  “Notification “Notification In Progress” means Protector has finished dispatching that you have dispatched information to CityWatch, but CityWatch has not processed all of the notifications yet.  You can send new notifications when the status is “Notification In Progress."  Click on the Refresh button to check the status in CityWatch.


You must save the project or else the Message Log information will be lost when the project is closed.

1. ID field is the CityWatch Notification ID.

2. Date field is the date and time the notification is sent.

3. Description field is the subject of the notification.

4. Status field is the CityWatch Notification status.

Refresh - Use this button to check the status in CityWatch.

Options - The Options button is used for assigning the GIS-based layer to be used for conducting a customer notification.  

Reset Map - Click this button Reset Map to reset the map display to its default state.

Close - Closes Click Close to close the Protector dialog box. To conduct another water security analysis, simply click on another analysis tab in the Protector dialog box.