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Junctions are used to join together two or more Connections. Typically they mark a change in the connection type, slope, pipe diameter, open channel cross-section or direction or may represent a physical structure such as a manhole chamber.

Name - Each Junction must have a unique name.

Junctions forms have three tabs with some shared characteristics: Dimensions, Inlets, and Outlets.


Junction Type - either Simple Junction or Manhole can be selected.

Easting - The easting coordinate at the centre of the icon on Plan.

Northing - The northing coordinate at the centre of the icon on Plan.

Explore the Inlets and Outlets pages for more details on these tabs.

Items specific to each Junction types are described in more detail by clicking on the links below.

XPert tip: Using  Object Templates, any one of these Junction types can be saved in order to use it elsewhere in the same design or in a completely different assessment.