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SRCX files contain Source Control information about the site and a Stormwater Control node. Due to the similarity between Source Control and InfoDrainage, you can map or convert most of this data to relevant InfoDrainage data. See the list below for a guide of what will be converted.

Converted Items

Rainfall Information → Maps to Analysis Criteria.

Time Area Diagrams/Hydrographs → Maps to Inflow nodes.

Storage Structure → Maps to a Stormwater Control.

Outflow/Overflow → Maps to the equivalent outlet type located on the Stormwater Control.

For information on potential warnings when importing these items, see the related sections in Import Warnings.

CASX files contain a series of SRCX files with links between them. Stormwater controls are loaded sequentially as above, and No Delay connections are placed from each outlet to the inlet of the following Stormwater Control. Note that Rainfall Information is taken only from the first SRCX file.