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The Laurenson Runoff Routing procedure can be applied to rural and urban catchments in both design storm and continuous simulation situations. It allows for the non-linear response from catchments over a large range of event magnitudes.

This method may not be available for your region. For more information, refer to the Regionalisation topic.

The Laurenson procedure is also known as the RAFTS model, and is originally from a paper Aitken, A.P. (1975) Hydrologic investigation and design of urban stormwater drainage systems. Aust. Water Resources Council Tech. Paper No. 10, Dept of the Environment and Conservation, A.G.P.S., Canberra. However the equation is repeated in: ARR Volume 1 on page 187.  See also the reference Sobinoff, P. Pola, J.P. and O’Loughlin, G.C. (1983) Runoff routing parameters for the Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong region. Hydrol. And Water Resources Symposium 1983, inst. Engrs Aust., Natl Conf. publ. No. 83/13, pp. 28-32.  The equation is only suitable for an n value of 0.025.