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The Output Report Manger is where the user you can generate reports and graphs for any element(s) as modeled in InfoWater.

After a successful model run the user you can view available results through the Report Manager dialog box available in the InfoWater Pro Ribbon or by clicking on the Graph or Report buttons in the model explorer for an individual element. 


Report Window Arrangement

New - Click on the New button to launch the Output Report/Graph dialog box. You can then select the reports and/or graphs that you want to view in the Output Report Manager dialog box.

The pull-down menu provides access to the Output Report/Graph dialog box as well as the Query Report , Customized Report, and the Query Summation Report functions.


Refresh All - Refresh the output values to reflect results from the latest simulation.

Note: Output reports and graphs are static data displays and are not automatically updated with each simulation run. Use the refresh button to load the current output data into a previously defined report or graph.


Select Desired Element(s)  - Allows the user you to select the desired report or graph elements from the map view.


Show Selection Set - Shows the report or graph of the selected Selection Set. Use the Browse button to open the Selection Set Manager.

Show Provided Element ID(s) - Shows the report or graph for the element IDs provided. Use the button to select element IDs from the map view. Use the button to select the beginning and end points of a chain of IDs.