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Deluge allows the site to be assessed by applying an amount of rainfall to the surface to establish likely channeling and ponding. This will provide key information to establish where the best locations for Stormwater Controls may be.

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The Deluge Analysis Settings dialog requests a number of values:

Analysis Mode - Two analysis methods are available, ADI and Explicit.  Explicit analysis directly solves flow in each of the four compass directions from each square.  ADI or Alternate Direction Implicit uses the Explicit solution for only two of the four compass directions and an Implicit solution for the others.  The direction used for the Implicit and Explicit solution is alternated with each subsequent timestep.

The use of an implicit solution allows a result to be generated at a higher timestep, meaning a shorter analysis time.

Analysis Speed - Deluge calibrates its timestep as it runs.  However it is possible to specify a Fast, Medium or Slow analysis.

Grid Size - The smaller the grid size the more accurate the analysis but the longer it takes.

Starting Depth  - This is the depth of water that will be introduced to every square in the grid at the start of the run.

Analysis Time - This is the length of time the water on the terrain will be allowed to flow / find sinks.


Click Cancel on the progress form to stop the analysis.

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