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Data Source (*)

This drop-down menu specifies either a specific sensor from which data will be searched, a sensor group, or a Mass Balance Zone.

Note: By default, Info360 shows the first 1000 sensor listing. To show search results beyond the first 1000, enter a keyword and then click the search icon (indicated by the red search icon ).

Data Interval (*)

This drop-down menu specifies the time interval at which data is queried. Using a larger interval enables efficient long-term searches, but any data points between the intervals will be neglected.

Time Range

Specify the start and end time of historic data to be searched. Clicking in the box opens up a Calendar Selection tool to specify dates in the correct format.

Sensor Type

This acts as an optional additional filter option to search only data from a certain sensor type. For example, a search could be applied to a sensor group including multiple sensor types; this field would restrict the sensor type within the group.

The Sensor Type attribute is assigned to each sensor during the Sensor Data Configuration.