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Displays a table of the specified sensor's timeseries data.



Sensor Type

Optional drop-down menu to filter a certain type of sensor for plotting. This field is only used if the Data Source is a group of sensors.


Enables the user to apply any function in Info360 to the sensor data. Clicking the   icon will access the Analytical Functions window.

Data Interval

Drop-down menu to specify the data interval used.

Display as Ranked TableOption that allows you to select a sensor type and then view the last reported value for the sensors in a ranking table, which you may then sort in an ascending or descending order. You also have the option to view the historical chart of the reported value.
Append Statistic PanelOption to display a statistical panel on the top of the ranked table to summarize the Min minimum and Max maximum values, the total number of sensors in the table, and the average value. This field is only available when the Display as Ranked Table checkbox is selected.

Group By Sensor ID

Option to group data by sensor ID. This is only available if the Data Source is a group of sensors.

A column of values will be assigned to each sensor. However if a group function is applied and no time group is set, then each sensor will occupy a row with one column of results reflecting the function value of the sensor data over the time range.

Group Data By

Drop-down menu to specify a time interval grouping for the row entries. Grouping can be omitted by selecting None.

Apply Function to Each Group

Drop-down menu to apply a pre-set function to the data in each group (sensors or time-grouping).
If the Group Data By field is populated, the function will be applied to the time grouping. Otherwise if the Group By Sensor ID box is checked, then the function will be applied to all data from each sensor (e.g. the max value from each sensor).

Time Range

The time range for the chart can be specified using one of the two options:

  • Date Range – Sets fixed start and end times for the plotted series.
  • Days Offset – Sets the time range to automatically plot the most recent data with the Days Offset field specifying the number of days before the current time to begin plotting.

Display Unit

This unit will be displayed in the y-axis label for bar or line charts if a function is applied.