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Data is viewed in Info360 primarily through either Charts or Dashlets.

Click the link below for details about specific topics:

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Charts are a quick way to visualize and interact with data from sensors. For more information, refer to Charts.

There are four types of Charts available in Info360:

Historical Chart - The default chart displays a timeseries of data in an interactive interface

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Gauge Chart - Gauge Charts show a current snapshot of the latest sensor reading relative to a pre-set scale

Status Chart - Status Charts show the status of a group of sensors over a 24 hour period

Pump Efficiency Chart - Pump efficiency curves show where the pump is operating along its pump curve for a selected window of time.


Info360 Dashlets are customizable visual tiles that can display network information in a range of formats. For more information, refer to Dashlets.




Displays a timeseries of the selected sensor or group of sensors. Functions can be applied to the timeseries of data to display a variety of output data, such as a simple flow rate sensor could be used to plot the average total flow per month over the past year. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Chart.


Displays a table of the specified sensor's timeseries data. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Table.


Displays a window with readings of the two compared sensors. Arrow buttons at sides of window can switch the displayed time of measurement. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Comparison.


Displays an adjustable Google map with indicators at the selected sensors. Click and drag the Image RemovedImage Added  icon to access Google street view. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Map.


Displays a table of Alerts that can be organized to sort either by Sensor or by Alert Category. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Alert.


Displays a scatter plot for comparing two sensors as x and y coordinates. This can be used to view how a pump is performing along its pump curve. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Scatter.


Displays content from an external site. This can include a variety of applications from weather feeds or videos. For more information, refer to Dashlets-External.


Displays an image or PDF file. This can be used to display schematics, as-built drawings, etc. For more information, refer to Dashlets-Image.

Rich Text

Allows you to add free-form texts to a workspace. This could be a caption to a chart or Biz Block, or static texts describing the workspace. For more information, refer to Dashlets-RichText.


Dashlets can be created or edited from the Dashlet tab in the Command Center