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titleSetup information



Connection Name

Multiple Connections can be set up for different databases. Use the icons to create, edit, and delete Connections.

DescriptionUser friendly description of the connection.
Time OffsetTime delay from the system to the server if in different time zones.

Database Type

This drop-down menu specifies the type of database Info360 will connect to.

Contact us if your database type is not included.

Database Connection Type

This drop-down menu specifies the connection type for Info360 to use to connect to the database. Options change based on the Database Type specified.

Database Driver Version

[MySQL only] - Specify the driver version used by the MySQL database.

Server Address

Enter the full address of the database server. [Machine Name]\[DB Server Name], [Port # - optional]

E.g. WS5002348\SQLDB2, 1436

Login Name & Password

Enter the log in credentials used for the database

Use Connection String

This option allows for a more detailed connection to be set up for a database.

Test Connection

This button will test the connection and report the number of tables and views found.


Once a connection is established, this drop-down menu will populate with any available databases on the server. Select one database per connection.


Save any changes made to the current Connection



Server Connection should be set up by IT personnel that know their system. Contact us if issues arise during server connection setup.


titleMore information about this feature

It can be tedious to add all sensors manually. Typically for new sites, it is best practice to configure all of the sensor data mapping in excel, and then use CSV to bulk import to Info360.

Contact us for assistance setting up the CSV file.