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These working tabs are used to create, manage, and add charts and analysis to each Workspace.




Image ModifiedMap

The map is an interactive interface using ArcGIS online features including standard click-and-drag panning and scroll-wheel zooming.

Sensor properties can be accessed from the map by clicking on the sensor or group of sensors.

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Access Sensor Information

Click on any Sensor  or group of sensors to open the Sensor data information.

From the Sensor information table, data can be viewed as a Historical Chart, Gauge Chart, or the data can be Exported to Excel.

When selecting a group of sensors, use the arrows in the upper right to switch between sensors.

View Facility Attributes

Click on any pipe, junction, etc to open an attribute table showing summary data. The data available is set during Web Map Configuration

Note: The corresponding shape file needs to be turned on and visible to access the Facility Attributes.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents window controls which layers are shown on the map.

Clicking the On/Off () toggle switch will show or hide the layer.

Map Rendering

Opens the Map Rendering Configuration window which allows the user to auto-color sensors on the map based on current data values.

The User must specify the Sensor Group affected by the rendering scheme, the Update Interval to specify the data frequency at which colors are updated, and the Classes.

Lock Map

When toggled in the lock position, scrolling via the mouse wheel becomes disabled over the map.

This is useful when you find yourself frequently scrolling up and down a workspace and the mouse gets stuck on the map, accidentally zooming in and out.

Stored Location

When a workspace is saved while the map is open, opening the workspace will cause the map to go to that location.

This can be used for workspaces that focus on a certain pump station for example. Zoom to the pump station on the map and save the workspace.

Image Removed Data Source

Image Added

The Data Source tab provides a searchable table of all sensors. The table provides common actions to view/export the sensor data or view it on the map.

The tab also allows for the management and selection of sensor groups.

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Image ModifiedChart

The Chart tab offers a quickest way to view data from sensors. Refer to the Visualization page for a description of various ways to view data in Info360.

The tab has 5 subtabs for different approaches to viewing/exporting data.

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Historical Chart

Adds an interactive time series chart for a selected sensor to the current workspace.

The chart can be opened using a saved layout or a simple quick layout.

Historical charts can display the data as a line chart, bar chart, candlestick, OHLC, or area chart.

For more information on Chart Properties and Layouts, refer to the Historical Chart Configuration page.

Gauge Chart

Adds a gauge chart to the workspace which displays the selected sensor's current value relative to a defined range.

Gauge Charts can be set up as a circular, linear, or bar chart.

Status Chart

The Status Chart tab creates a chart displaying the status of a group of sensors over a 24-hour period.

This is commonly used to view a summary of the pump operations each day.


Watcher tab creates a table summarizing live results from a selected group of sensors.

The table shows the sensor ID, time of last reading, and the value. Optionally, reference data can be shown for a selected time range including a glance view of the timeseries and associated statistics.

Pump Efficiency

The Pump Efficiency tab is used to generate quick head-discharge curves for your pumps to review how they are operating.

Configure the X and Y data to represent the flowrate and the head difference across the pump respectively then plot to review how the pump performs along its curve at various windows of time. The manufacturers curve can be added as a reference line as well using simple comma-separated text.

Refer to the Pump Efficiency Curve page for more information.


Exports an excel table of data from a selected sensor, sensor group, or sensor type. The time interval, time range, and basic function (i.e. open, close, high, low, or average) can be selected for exporting.


Image ModifiedSearch

The Search tab is used to create and manage searches which can be used for Tracking of incoming live data or it can be applied to historical data.

The interface enables the easy creation of nested "if", "and, "or" statements and direct access to the Analytical Functions library.

Use the button to run the current search on any sensor or group of sensors for a selected period of time.

For more information, refer to the Search page.


Image ModifiedDashlet

Dashlets include a wide variety of display tiles that can be saved and applied to a workspace.

The Dashlet tab displays the library of saved dashlets in a searchable interface that can be queried by Dashlet group.

From this tab, Dashlets can be created, edited, and added to the current workspace.

For more information on setting up Dashlets, refer to the Dashlets page.

Image RemovedMass Balance

Image Added

Mass Balance Networks make use of live flow and storage data to determine the usage and non-revenue water for a particular zone in near real time.

The Mass Balance tab displays any saved Mass Balance Networks which can be edited or added to the current workspace.

For more information on Mass Balance, refer to the Mass Balance page.

Image RemovedBiz Block

Image Added

Biz Blocks are versatile calculation tools that can take multiple live inputs to perform calculations and produce live outputs.

The Biz Block tab is used for the management of Biz Block objects which can be added to the workspace.

For more information on Biz Blocks, refer to the BizBlock page.


Image ModifiedPattern

Patterns can be created for any set of data, and later added to Charts.

Info360 retrieves data from the selected sensor(s) for the desired time range, and determines the average pattern to best fit the data at the specified time interval.

For more information, refer to the Patterns page.


Image ModifiedReport

Reporting gives access to a Info360 extension which allows users to set up customized reports that dynamically access live data feeds. Once set up, these reports can easily be published on a routine basis with the most up to date state of the system data.

For more information, refer to the Reporting page.



Collapses the Command Center. Tab names are still displayed

Pin the Command Center

Expand the current tab to full screen