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Finally, this first window will also activate inspections.  Active inspections are inspections which a user wants you want scored and are generally considered most relevant to current analysis.  Inactive inspections are still joined to a facility, but are not scored.  Inactive inspections are generally considered background, historical data which is less relevant to current system conditions. 

InfoAsset Planner will always activate the most recent inspection joined to a facility by looking at the Date field in the Inspections table.  In addition users , you can direct InfoAsset Planner to activate additional inspections depending on how close they are to the most recent inspection.  If the settings below were specified and the most recent inspection on Pipe 1 occurred on 1/10/2018, InfoAsset Planner would also activate any inspections performed as far back as 1/1/2018.  If the second radio button was were specified, InfoAsset Planner would only activate one additional inspection performed as far back as 1/1/2018 and only if it was were in the reverse direction of the latest inspection.  This is a useful way to only include reverse setups as active.