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From the Run Manager Dialog Box, use the Fireflow Tab to conduct FireFlow Modeling Analysis. The Fireflow modeling process is a batch analysis of either all nodes with a fire flow demand assigned or all nodes within a domain with a fire flow fireflow demand assigned. The basic fire-flow analysis is a two-step process and it will automatically assign the fire-flow demand to each junction and solve for the residual pressure. Then it will set the residual pressure to the specified value and solve for the resulting flow. You can then determine the available pressure at the desired fire flow demand and the available flow at the minimum residual pressure.


Based on the fire flows specified, InfoWater Pro will calculate the maximum flow available at the hydrant while maintaining the user-specified residual pressure and, optionally, a maximum velocity constraint can also be applied. Click here to learn more about fire-flow fireflow demands and how to model a fire-flow fireflow simulation.

Run Fire Flow on Domain Only