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In either case the parameters of the selected Rainfall Source are displayed below the Rainfall Source list box. In addition, if the Methode de Caquot is selected from the Peak Flow Calculation list box the Caquot Base Parameters and Use Shape Correction checkbox are displayed below the parameters of the selected Rainfall Source. To the right of the Base Parameters is a calculation button. Clicking this displays a separate form, which allows you to modify the Advanced Caquot parameters which in turn recalculates the Base Caquot parameters shown on the Network Design Criteria form.

Minimum Time of ConcentrationEntry

This is the minimum time that should be applied to each pipes time of concentrationof travel a pipe to yield the Time of Concentration. This is in effect applied to required at the head of each branch line to give an initial time of entry for the inflows. It is the time it takes the rainfall falling on the catchment to reach the head of the line.

Maximum Travel Time

This allows the maximum travel time down the system to be capped at the given value. This prevents the intensity being used to size the pipe/channel reducing to low.