InfoAsset Planner Help Documentation infoassetplanner

This main section of the InfoAsset™ Planner Help File contains information on how to get the most out of your InfoAsset Planner software.

General OverviewInfoAsset Planner has many windows, buttons, and objects which help you visualize your data. The General Overview should help you orient yourself to InfoAsset Planner so you can get started in the InfoAsset Planner software.

Data Import OptionsInfoAsset Planner has many different ways it can utilize data to help you make more informed asset management decisions. This section will answer questions like:

  • What data can be imported into InfoAsset Planner?
  • Where should the data be imported?
  • What are the data format requirements?
  • How is data imported?

Organizing Data - After data is imported into the InfoAsset Planner project database, you may wish to use InfoAsset Planner to directly view and edit their data. This section describes the tools available to organize and edit the imported InfoAsset Planner data.

Data AnalysisOnce data is imported and organized, InfoAsset Planner's powerful analyses can be utilized.  This section describes how InfoAsset Planner's analysis options including the risk analysis, rehab planning, deterioration modelling, and data miner, work to help you make better rehabilitation decisions.  Information on how to setup these analyses, what the different analysis tools abilities and limitations are, and how to interpret the different analyses results can be found in the this section of the Help.

Exporting DataOnce analyses have been performed, reports, graphs, and custom reports may be generated from InfoAsset Planner. This section describes the many ways this useful data can be extracted from InfoAsset Planner.