The following error is received in the application:

swmm error
encountered during 2D initialization, please check diagnostics file.


XPSWMM errors typically occur at the startup of the model simulation. They are caused by incorrect model setup. This may be a missing file, incorrect path files or poorly placed / unsnapped elements  (such as a boundary condition located outside the model extents). Errors can be extremely frustrating, but can usually easily be resolved through following these two simple steps.


  1. Look at the 2D error report:
    1. Go to Analyse > Show Errors > 2D Errors.

    2. Look for the ERROR messages in the text file. As errors typically occur and before the simulation starts, the error messages will be located at the top of the list.

  2. Locate the Error:
    1. Open the xp2D Diagnostic File: In the Layers control, go to Reporting and Diagnostics.

    2. Right-click the file under Diagnostics, go to Properties and click the Data tab.

    3. To help locate the error, ensure that Diagnostic Display Selected/All is turned on and then turn off the Display Warning Messages and Display Check Messages.

      Note: You should review these to not cause the model to fail.
    4. Zoom to model extents and look for the Red (errors) text. The arrow will point the location the error has occurred.