Error 3: Dongle not found. 

Problem: The following error message is received:

Error 3: Dongle not found. 

Solution 1: The license configuration file was not found in the XPSWMM directory or is read only. Find the xpswmm.xcf file with the correct version number for the version of XPSWMM that you are installing. The file may have been attached to an e-mail from Innovyze announcing your product eligibility or can be found in the root directory of the installation DVD.

Copy and paste the file into your XPSWMM directory.

It is important to mention that in older versions of XPSWMM, the configuration file had the extension *.cnf.

Solution 2: The license configuration file in the XPSWMM directory is read only. Check the properties of the file and make it read/write.

Solution 3: The license configuration file does not have the correct license number for the Sentinel hard lock that you are using. The numbers coded on the hard lock and in the license file must match. 

  1. Run the program XPDIAGNOSTIC.EXE found in the XPSWMM directory to read the number coded on both the hard lock and the license file.
  2. Find and install a matching pair of hard lock and license files. 
  3. Copy and paste the file into your XPSWMM directory or re-install the application.

 XPSWMM installation logs

  1. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the special folder %TEMP%:

  2. Each install will normally create two logs starting with “XPSWMM_2018.2_”.

  3. Please e-mail Innovyze support the install logs if you are unable to install the software.

Error uninstalling XPSWMM 

Problem: The XP Products register some components in the Windows Registry Editor, therefore, if you remove some files without removing them also from the registry or if you do not uninstall the product properly; there will be a mismatch between the files in the registry and the system.

Solution 1: Run the msicuu.exe tool attached in the \Disc Image\Resources\technical support  folder to make sure that the software will be completely deleted from your system. This program usually forces the software to uninstall and removes all registries. 

Run msicuu.exe with Administrator permission, select XPSWMM 2018.2 from the list display and click on the Uninstall button.

Solution 2: Open the \Disc Image\Resources\technical support \remove-registry-xpswmm2018.2.reg  file; run it with administrator permissions and then try to reinstall XPSWMM 2018.2.

For the Sentinel drivers, you can install the SSD Cleanup utility from this link

Troubleshooting your Sentinel SuperPro lock

For additional troubleshooting options for issues related to your Sentinel SuperPro Lock,  please refer to SafeNet's end-user troubleshooting guide below: