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For users who have trouble using the EXE installer or administrator who would like to roll out XPSWMM/XPSTORM using the MSI installer, follow the instructions below.

Using the links detailed below to download the installers. For the MSI installer, go to the support portal.

Once all the installers are downloaded, install the order below,

  • .NET
  • C++
  • Sentinel driver
  • MSI installer

The database driver is only needed if you run into issues when linking to external database.


Based on the Thales Security Bulletin 20211021, a vulnerability within the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.7.0 and below, it is recommended that both the client and host machines install Sentinel Protection Installer 7.7.1.


  • XPSWMM 2020.1 comes with Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.9
  • XPSWMM 2021.3 comes with Sentinel Protection Installer 7.7.0

Microsoft .NET framework

Microsoft Windows 10 versions are consistently updating the .NET Framework. For example, the Windows 10 Creators Update adds .NET Framework 4.7 to the operating system. 

  • For XPSWMM/XPStorm version 2019 or earlier, the minimum required version of the .NET Framework is 4.5.2 or later. 
  • Starting XPSWMM/XPStorm version 2020.1, the minimum required version of the .NET Framework is 4.8 or later.
  • Windows 10 build versions will determine which .NET Framework is required. Please validate the most appropriate version and download here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

Database Drivers

The Microsoft Access Database drivers are used to access external data such as MDB, XLS, XLSX via GIS Link. From XPSWMM 2019 and beyond, this driver will need to be the 64-bit version of this Microsoft Access Database Engine is needed. Based on changes driven by Microsoft, the 32-bit driver and the latest 64-bit driver cannot be installed side by side. For users with Office 365 installed, Microsoft recently changed its policy, and only the same bit version of the driver as the Office can be installed. Therefore, for users with Office 32-bit installed, an error will occur when trying to install the 64-bit. There are two workarounds for this situation,

  • You can uninstall the 32-bit version of office and install the 64-bit version, or 
  • You can install the 64-bit in a silent mode as shown below from the Microsoft download links;


If Office 365 is already installed, side by side detection will prevent the installation from proceeding. Instead perform a /quiet install of these components from command line. To do so, download the desired AccessDatabaseEngine.exe or AccessDatabaeEngine_x64.exe to your PC, open an administrative command prompt, and provide the installation path and switch Ex: C:\Files\AccessDatabaseEngine.exe /quiet

  • Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable (x86 or x64)



If you have trouble installing the software from the executable due to an incompatible Sentinel driver, a simple uninstall of the driver does not actually remove the active driver. Users need to clean the system of this driver.

  • Sentinel System Drivers
    • Recent upgrades from Sentinel indicate that Windows 10 build 2004 and up might require a more recent version of the Sentinel Protection Driver 7.7.1 either on the network server or client.
  • Sentinel SuperPro Cleanup Tool 
  • Sentinel Advanced Medic

    • To assist in driver communication, and dongle issues, utilize the Sentinel Advanced Medic to diagnose problems with Sentinel Hardware keys.
    • Download from Sentinel Advanced Medic.