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The pointing device may be a typical mouse, track ball, touch pad, or other mouse compatible device. For the sake of consistency, we use the term mouse to indicate a generic-pointing device. Listed below is a description of the basic mouse techniques used in the applicaiton. The primary button is assumed to be on the left. 

The mouse also allows you to select objects to operate on by pointing and clicking, and similarly to initiate system commands through drop-down menus and to select a tool.

The following table indicates the user pointing device actions corresponding to the instructions used in this manual:


User Action


Position the pointer on something, and then briefly press and release the primary (left) mouse button.


Pick a command by positioning the pointer on the menu name, moving the highlighted area down the menu to the command you want, and then clicking the primary mouse button.


Position the pointer on or near something, press and hold down the primary mouse button as you move the mouse to the desired position, and then release the button. A drag allows you to move or select an object.


Position the pointer on something, and then rapidly press and release the primary (left) mouse button twice.


Position the left-pointing arrow on or just next to something you want to choose.


Move the cursor to an object, then left click or draw box across a group of objects.

The mouse pointer changes appearance to indicate the type of action that is taking place. The pointer icons are:




You may select objects, move, re-connect or re-scale the network.


Annotation is being added to the network.


Nodes are being added to the network.


Single Links (solid line) are being added to the network.

Multi-links (dashed line) are being added to the network.
Bridge Link
Bridge Links (broken line) are being added to the network.
River Link
Segments of a River Link (dashed-highlighted lines) are being added to the network.
A polyline is being drawn.
A polygon is being created
Lengths or areas are being measured from the network.
XP is busy performing a task. The specific task is generally displayed in the status messages area of the window
You are currently zooming in to an area of the network
You are currently zooming out on an area of the network.
You are currently panning around the network.
An object will be displaced.
Circular Arrow
An object will be rotated.
Section Profile

Displays profile of selected cross section within the DTM area.
Define Cross Section
Creates a cross section along selected points.
Edit Cross Section
Begin edit mode of selected cross section.
Insert Point
Add a vertex to a cross section, polylink, or polygon.
Move Point
Move a vertex of a cross section, polylink, or polygon.
Hitting the Esc key once while using the Link, Multi Link, Bridge Link, and River Link tool would break the connection, while hitting the Esc key twice would break the connection and would change the mouse pointer to the Arrow pointer.

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