xpswmm/xpstorm Resource Center xps

The Help Menu offers users commands to access the help documentation and get information about their XPSWMM/XPStorm installation. 

The following describes the available commands under this menu: 

XPSWMM/XPStorm Resource Center

Launches the XPSWMM/XPStorm Resource Center page.

Online Help

Launches the online help documentation at the Table of Contents level.

Online Support

Loads the Innovyze online support portal using your default web browser. 

Check for Updates

Checks the web for available updates. Click View Changes to see a list of changes in the latest version. Click Go to downloads to download the latest version from the web.

Innovyze Home Page

Opens the Innovyze website using the default web browser.


Displays the product license details and provides an interface to turn on the Projects menu and System Color settings, which can also be controlled in the the SWMXP.INI.

The Application Details include:

Ver. (ENG Ver.) - Displays the full application version of the software. The version inside the brackets is the engine version number.

Directory - Displays the installation directory of the software.

Work Directory - Displays the working directory of the current project.

Configuration file - Displays the location of the configuration file (xpswmm.xcf).

Initialization file - Displays the location of the initialization file (SWMXP.ini).

This dialog details the software license limits such as node and 2D cells. The license nodes, links, texts, pictures, cards (fields), 2D Cell limits, and GPUs are presented in boxes in the Limits section. The available add-on modules are displayed in the License Options portion. Available add-on modules show a check mark before each option. 

Please contact Innovyze or an authorized distributor to inquire about upgrading to larger limits or adding license options such as 2D Multiple Domains.


Displays the About dialog showing the product build date, user, and serial number.

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