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The Dialog Box is a graphical view of the attribute database. In other words the Dialog Box is to attribute data what the Window is to the network spatial data. 

The Dialog Box contains different types of items or controls that represent different types of data or modeling choices. The common items in the dialog box are described below:

Static Text

Caption for Editable Text.

Editable Text

Text strings or numbers. The insertion point for the text is contained in a rectangular field. Double-clicking in the field will select all text, and subsequent data entry will replace all existing text

Check box

A square check box is a flag for a particular option. You may select none, any or all options. A check box with underlying data is located on an action button. Check boxes are always optional.

Choice Button

The circular choice buttons (Radio Buttons) indicate a choice of one item from a group of options. Only one option may be selected from the group. A choice button located on an action button indicates underlying data. The selection of one of the choice buttons is mandatory.

Action Button

A rectangular action button controls dialog traversal (and therefore data structure). The OK and Cancel Action buttons are usually mapped to the "Enter" and “Esc” keys. The upper right hand corner X button on the dialog is also mapped to ESC and abandons all edits made in the dialog if pressed. A button item in a Job Control Dialog contains mandatory data. Other Action buttons include “Run” for the Utilities and “Import” for the Import dialog.


A picture data item is an icon or a symbol used to promote rapid comprehension. It is not a dynamic item and is only representative of typical modeling scenarios.

One of the program’s unique features is that picture items are used extensively to symbolise physical attributes associated with the data. This allows presentation of the model to non-technical reviewers. When reviewing a model it is good practice to close dialogs with Cancel to protect making and saving changes to the model.

Items are selected by using the mouse to position the pointer at an item then clicking or double clicking with the mouse button. You may also optionally move through the editable text box items by using the <Tab> and <Shift-Tab> keys.

Pressing the Enter key is the same as clicking the OK button.

Pressing the <Esc> key is the same as clicking the Cancel button or selecting the red upper right hand X.

Holding down the <Shift> key while clicking an action button that would normally cascade to another dialog will only activate the Check Box or Choice Button and not cascade to underlying dialogs.

See Also Dialog Icons.